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    Paleopoli Greece Kerkyra Island Corfu 491 00

Agii Theodori Monastery (between 5th – 6th century) : An early Christian monument directly adjoining the ruins of the temple of Artemis Gorgous. A three-aisled basilica was limited during Byzantine times to the central aisle, which is today the catholicon of a convent. A characteristic feature of the early Christian phase is the semicircular apse with a graduated roof and a trilobate arched window with heavy proportions. The church was converted into a monastery probably during the 16th century with an open square court (which was normal for the catholicon complex). The courtyard is surrounded by arched colonnades with Renaissance morphology along two floors on three of its sides while the fourth consists of the catholicon and the bell tower. A particular feature of the entire morphology are the two fortified towers within the complex. That the church once had three aisles can be seen today by the existence of sealed arched colonnades