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    Mon Repo Greece Kerkyra Island Corfu 491 00

The Mon Repos estate is a rare botanical garden that exhibits some 2,000 species of plant from parts of the nineteenth-century British Empire. It includes the Mon Repos mansion, an architecturally interesting building in neoclassical form, constructed on the orders of Lord High Commissioner Sir Frederick Adam. It was initially utilized as the summer residence for the Lord High Commissioner, and later as a summer residence for the royal family of Greece, until the abolition of monarchy in 1974. The mansion operates as a the Archaeological Museum of Palaeopolis that exhibits items from the excavations of this area. In the estate there are still extant the ruins of an ancient temple of Hera, as well as the Kardaki temple, the best preserved of ancient temples in Corfu. The latter is a small building in the Doric style, dating to the latter Archaic Age (510 bc). It received its present name from the nearby Kardaki spring.