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    Nikiforou Theotoki 32 Greece Kerkyra Island Corfu 491 00

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09:00 - 24:00

In the main pedestrian street of the town, this historic patisserie, now operated by the third generation of the family which founded it in 1924. A nostalgic recollection for Corfiots no longer living on the island, who visit every time they return, it is also a meeting point for the youth, drawn by its famous homemade ice cream. Papagiorgis is a local landmark. Visitors journey into a world of quality local products: traditional Greek preserved fruit, kumquat loukoumi and a range of cakes, sweets and desserts including Corfiot specialties such as mandolato (almond nougat), mandoles (caramelized almonds) and pasteli (sesame and honey cakes). Iconic ice cream is made daily from fresh Corfu milk in an endless variety of flavors, including the “hit” kumquat, the famous Corfiot wild strawberry (only when in season) and the eponymous ice cream Papagiorgis.