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    32 Nik. Theotoki Greece Kerkyra Island Corfu 491 00

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09:00 - 24:00

n the centre of Corfu Old Town, you can find the historic pastry shop Papagiorgis, being a reference point for the entire island.

Its history begins in 1924; it is continuously open ever since, while it is handed down from generation to generation. Today, the Dafnis’ family 3rd generation continues the tradition and work from the previous ones.

The pastry shop follows the same recipes and produces traditional corfiot products such as kumquat, mantolato and mantoles. At the same time, it innovates with the production of home-made ice-cream made with corfiot milk and in a great variety of flavours, with kumquat (seasonal) and wild strawberry being among the most impressive ones.

Of course, it is still well-known for its pastries and cakes like the unique mille-feuilles with wild strawberry marmalade.